In Which Introductions are Made

So. It Begins.

I intended the “About” page to be my introduction, but I couldn’t settle upon an appropriate topic for my first ever post…the “maiden voyage” as it were. It seemed especially important, and none of my other ideas quite captured the spirit of the thing. So instead of just diving right in, I’ll preface.

This blog started out three years ago as a record of my adventures while studying abroad in Scotland. When my trip ended (actually, before my trip ended), it fell by the wayside, and I didn’t give it much thought, other than “gee, I wish I’d kept up my blog.”

Now, several years later, as an aspiring writer with few prospects, it occurred to me that I wasn’t writing enough in my day-to-day life. I needed a way to write short pieces without the pressure of long-term projects. And to kill two birds with one stone, I could extend my readership to a much wider circle than just my cat.

As for the contents of these posts, my main objects shall be books, films, history, funny clothes, interesting words, famous people or characters that I crush on, and perhaps arts and crafts. Maybe the occasional philosophical musing. In short, humanities all around!

So, if you share my enthusiasm for any of these things, I gladly welcome you aboard. If they aren’t exactly your cup of tea then stick around anyway…you may find tempests where you least expect!


The Intrepid “E.” LadyBird



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