A Small Confession…

After that snappy introductory post that I wrote over a year ago, now might be the time to confess something –

I wrote that blog post over a year ago.

My initial plan for this blog was highly motivated – I wanted this foray into blogging to be perfect. Well-executed. Like clockwork.

Well. That WAS the plan.

And then I planned and planned and planned this blog right out of existence. Usually, if I compose enough lists, then systematically cross out the items on those lists, success and glory are sure to follow.

It backfired this time. I talked myself right out of the whole thing. And this blog remained empty for many moons.

But recently, a friend of mine said he ran into a similar problem with his blog, and advised me that, in his opinion, blog-writing only works if it’s “lazy and short”. This may not be the case for all bloggers, but it struck a chord with me because certainly, in my case, “well-formulated and lengthy” hadn’t exactly worked out.

I struggle with that kind of a mindset. I have a hard enough time presenting my best work to an audience of people I know, let alone less-than-my-best to a company of internet viewers. That in itself pretty much dooms my blogging career from the start. And being brief? That’s even harder. I’m panicking just thinking about it as I see the word count in this post rise higher and higher. Am I being brief enough? But I’m not done talking!!!

However, seeing as I’ve at least made a start, clearly, all is not lost. I’ve realized that, from the beginning, my mindset was all wrong. I’ll post what I want when I feel like it. I won’t worry *much* about keeping myself accountable. I originally thought it would be fun to do things like “Word of the Week” and “History Crush Wednesday” and so on. And I think I still will. But the names will be more like guidelines than actual rules. I’ll post History Crush Wednesday on any and all days of the week. Because I can. And we can have word of the week…MULTIPLE TIMES A DAY.

So, we’ll see how this new approach goes. Certainly it’s already gone farther than my initial plan of attack, which more resembled the events of the Pig War (post to follow) than an actual military campaign. See? An actual published blog post! Pour yourself another cup of tea, Intrepid E. *self-high-five*.

If it works, it works. And if it’s a failure, well, so was the Prohibition, and history still remembers it anyway. In closing, I recall the sage advice of my high school choir teacher, who implored us all in passionate tones, that if we were going to sing the wrong note, at least sing it LOUDLY! Be wrong…with confidence! Because if you can’t hear your own mistakes, you’ll never fix them.

So here’s to making loud vocalization errors and taking the blogging world by proverbial storm. Perhaps even in a small porcelain dish intended for beverages brewed at high temperatures.


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