Word of the Week

Word of the Week – Fantod

Ta-da! A post two days in the making, since my internet has been Not a Thing.

For the inaugural Word of the Week, I present one of my favorite words, which I picked up from my venerable aunties when I was around twelve or so.

According to my Webster’s New World Dictionary: Third College Dictionary – which, incidentally, is not the dictionary I swear by, just the one I happen to own – the word is described as thus:

fantod – n. a nervous condition: now usually used in the humorous phrase the fantods, a state of restless anxiety

Used in a sentence:

  1. I hope this blog post does not give you the fantods.
  2. Anchovies on pizza gives me the fantods.

Basically, it’s a fancy way of saying something gave you the creeps, or that you have a case of “the fidgets”. Other definitions describe the words less in its humorous context, as a state of unreasonableness, or an irritable emotional outburst. For me, I go for the lighter version, and generally don’t use it in conversation unless it’s to try to make somebody laugh.

Because fantod sounds ridiculous.

Apparently Mark Twain used the word in Huckleberry Finn. Google informs me that the word is of “unknown origin” from the mid 19th century…which gives me the feeling that Twain made it up. If so, bravo sir, bravo.

My challenge to you? Somehow work it into a conversation in the near future…good luck!